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Review 2017

❌ Health


  • 62.55kg
  • body fat percentage: 20.55 %
  • run: 43.585 km/month


⚠️ Life


  • ❌ get a girlfriend
  • ✅ trip one country (went to us on google io 2017)

⚠️ Engineering


  • ✅ Create 100 star library (Unidux 107 star)
  • ⚠️ Publish my application on android / ios ( only available on android and it was created with my friends)
  • ❌ Create DeepLearning application
  • ❌ qiita: 1500 stock (1111 stock)

❌ Learn



  • TOEIC 725 (2017/12)
  • ❌ DMM EIKAIWA: 23 times / year
  • ✅ duolingo: complete every lesson (56 / 56)
  • ✅ keep listening of english podcast, movies, and so on.

etc - Attend Google I/O 2017 - Attend State of the map 2017



  • ❌ duolingo: 5 / 64
  • ❌ remember: 20 words



❌ Book



Totally failed, but I achieved some missions. It's not bad time.

Why am I failed?

  1. I didn't remind these missions
  2. Lack of motivation (some goals are not important for me)
  3. Lack of feedback loop (I didn't record and rethink my problems)

Detail reviews

  • Health
    • I forgot to continue running at the last half of the year and I preferred to use my time to work side businesses.
    • I found that running is strongly related to my programming motivation.
  • Life
    • I found I will never get my girlfriend just be waiting. so next year I will change my way and move by my feet.
    • Tripping is great opportunity to try my english skill. I will continue to go abroad.
  • Engineering
    • I presented Unidux library on 2 times and give me stars. It's so happy to me that my library helps people and solving problems.
    • Deep learning is fun. but I have no chance and motivation to create somethings.
    • Qiita => lazy to write articles
  • English
    • I tried 1.5 month to improve my skills. Listening is good, but reading skill is not enough to archive 700 score. I need to improve learning method.
    • Google IO 2017 and State of the map 2017, pycon 2017 give me great opportunity to speak with native speakers. It's so fun. I will continue to perticipate these conference on this year.
  • Spanish
    • lack of motivation, it's not important one for me now. but learning was fun.
  • Haskell
    • lack of motivation. It's fun but useless now.
  • Book
    • I read many comic books (maybe 2-3 books per week). but I have a lack of passion to read novel and academic books.
    • But it's important and may change my life. I will read great books consciously.

What's next?

  • Create 2018 resolution.