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Review of 2018

Review of 2018



  • 😄 6 run / week => 50% (180 runs/year)
  • 🙃 6 sit-up / week => 1-2%

Runs each 2days was so good for me and I'm so pleased with the result. I think 6 run/week was so hard and meaningless now. And I realize workout is less effective than eating control.



  • ✅ rethink workstyle
  • ✅ think & manage by myself
  • ✅ improve income

I quitted company and became a freelancer. Everything was changed. I learned so a lot of new things as a freelancer. I have worked with so many new coworker. They give me a lot of chance to learn what is not known. New challenge grow me a lot.


  • 😵 TOEIC L&R 800 => 725
  • ✅ try TOEIC S&W
  • ✅ Go abroad at least two country => US & Taiwan

It's not easy for me to increasing score any more. I feel it's not effective to learn English through the toeic material.


  • 😵 Qiita 1 article / week
  • 😵 Presentation 1 / quoter
  • ✅ Create at least 2 library / year => cafu related things that I have published.

I worked so hard, it effects reducing of technical outputs. However, I have published a little bit library through the works. Because of less project that I can manage and handle, it effects decreasing of library outputs. I would like to improve this point in 2019.


I have read 24 books in 2018.

  • ✅ Book 1 book / month => 24 books
  • 😵 Blogging of each book 1 book / month => I just logged it to booklog

These are great books that improved my life. It effects workstyle, food, money control, self-management, fashion, thinking and so on.


2018 was great year for me to change my life. Through work and reading, I could change the part that was difficult to change so far. It's important to jumping over a comfortable zone and challenging my uncharted area got quite a lot for me. I will continue to actively change my life with courage. For a while, it'll be a question where or not I can make a good partner.